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01 Sep 2019

Gemma Jackson, Diabetes UK Volunteering and Outreach Manager for the South West has raised over £1000 for Diabetes UK.  She bravely signed up to do a tandem sky dive.  She successfully and bravely completed this on 27th July.  Find out more here

Here are Gemma's words, describing her achievement..

Standing at the airfield it was a nerve wracking 3 hour wait, and then, suddenly, my name was called out over the tannoy; a flutter of butterflies filled my tummy as I walked over to meet my instructor and get suited, booted and ready to go.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Kitted up and looking like a banana in a jump suit, my instructor Elliot and I made our way over to the plane. Once seated he did a great job reassuring me that I should sit back, relax, and enjoy the next 15 minutes as we climb to 15,000 ft, nearly 3 miles, above the Devonshire countryside.


When it was my turn to go, I remember shuffling to the door and taking a moment to look out over the tops of the fluffy white clouds. It looked like we were going to jump out onto a blanket of marshmallows! That initial rush out the of the plane was mind boggling as we swirled and zoomed around free falling at 120 mph for 60 seconds. I remember our cameraman Dan appearing in front of us encouraging me to smile, which I think I partially managed!


Within a few seconds it all went grey and I felt drops of water landing on my face. I suddenly realised I was in the middle of a cloud! I looked down and within a split second the cloud disappeared and the glorious green fields appeared beneath us. I felt the canopy open and I settled into my harness as we began to glide and float the 5,000 ft back down to earth.

Elliot pointed out the sights and landmarks. I could see the curve of Weymouth Bay and Portland Bill, then we spun round and I could see right across the Bristol Chanel and into Wales. I felt like an eagle! It was the most exhilarating and peaceful experience and it will stay with me forever.    


If you have a dream, something, anything you really want to do, I would say ‘go for it!’ Now with my feet on terra firma I often just look up at the clouds and think ‘I’ve flown through one of those!’

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped raise over £1,200 so far. Your generosity means so much and I feel very fortunate to be able to support Diabetes UK and the great work our fantastic charity does to help people with and affected by diabetes.  


01 Jul 2019

Our next information evening will be on Wednesday 17th July at 7.00pm.  Guest speaker will be Sarah Reese, director at Woodspring Counselling.  This will be a topic we have not covered before and should be of interest to those with other long term conditions.  So spread the word!

01 Jul 2019

Apologies but there will be no drop in at No. 65 on 2nd July.  None of our committee members are available.

30 May 2019

'Claire Typeone Diabetes' will be gathering with others at The Salthouse in Clevedon on Saturday 1st June, from 11.00.  Join her for a cuppa and a chat, very informal, you don't even have to mention the 'D' word.  Find her on Facebook

28 May 2019

June 9th sees the annual charity walks organised by Nailsea Rotary.

Our group supports people living with diabetes within the local community. ANYONE with an interest in diabetes, either as patient, carer, or healthcare professional is welcome to attend any of our activities and to receive our updates. We work closely with the Clinical Commissioning Group, Community Diabetes Support and local health care practitioners to try to bring you relevant and up to date information. We are keen to raise awareness of the condition through the events that we promote and take part in.

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Our new drop-in service is now running at Number 65 High Street on the first Tuesday of each month.  Come along for a chat, information and help accessing the internet where there is a wealth of information on managing your diabetes.