A local community of those affected by diabetes in the Nailsea and Backwell district.

Our group supports people living with diabetes within the local community. ANYONE with an interest in diabetes, either as patient, carer, or healthcare professional is welcome to attend any of our activities and to receive our updates. We work closely with the Clinical Commissioning Group, Community Diabetes Support and local health care practitioners to try to bring you relevant and up to date information. We are keen to raise awareness of the condition through the events that we promote and take part in.

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The local Clinical Commissioning Group for North Somerset is now working closely with the Clinical Commissioning Groups for Bristol and South Gloucestershire. There is a big project (Sustainability and Transformation Partnership) around Diabetes Care. An important issue is being able to measure the quality of care you receive. (Patient Outcomes). They have created a list of positive attitudes that a patient may feel when their diabetes is well managed. 

This list is referred to as "I STATEMENTS"

Quality of life: “I want to have a good quality of life”
Symptom control: “I want to be free of symptoms related to diabetes”
Recognition of high or low blood sugar: “I want to be able to recognise high/low blood sugar”
Control of diabetes: “I want to feel in control of my diabetes”
Confident in managing diabetes: “I want to feel confident in managing my diabetes”
Supported in managing diabetes: “I want to feel support in managing my diabetes”
Free from fear/anxiety: “I want to feel free from fear/anxiety”
Mood: “I want to have a good mood”
Monitor diabetes: “I want to be able to monitor my diabetes”
Understand how to manage diabetes: “I want to understand how to manage my diabetes”
Self-manage diabetes: ”I want to be able to self-manage my diabetes”
Disruption by care to life: “I don’t want care related to my diabetes to disrupt my life” 

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