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09 May 2019

One scared woman vs 10,000 feet!! Gemma Jackson is doing a skydive to raise money for Diabetes UK on 27th July

30 Apr 2019

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30 Apr 2019

Retinopathy: Why you should attend annual screenings

04 Apr 2019

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01 Mar 2017

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Our group supports people living with diabetes within the local community. ANYONE with an interest in diabetes, either as patient, carer, or healthcare professional is welcome to attend any of our activities and to receive our updates. We work closely with the Clinical Commissioning Group, Community Diabetes Support and local health care practitioners to try to bring you relevant and up to date information. We are keen to raise awareness of the condition through the events that we promote and take part in.

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Our new drop-in service is now running at Number 65 High Street on the first Tuesday of each month.  Come along for a chat, information and help accessing the internet where there is a wealth of information on managing your diabetes.